Thursday, 23 October 2008

Praising the individual for a job well done

While any sensible person knows that praising the individual for a job well done, like everything else, should be used in moderation, there are some managers who interpret this sterling principle as meaning that it should be meted out like gold-dust and never, ever in writing. It's to be hoped, reader, that you're not one of them.
Provided one sticks like glue to the maxim, 'praise where praise is due, a carefully worded commendation is one of the finest weapons in the management armoury; it raises morale ten-fold - and, even more important, fans that proverbial fire in the belly, motivating the recipient to take on bigger and better things.

One useful tip to bear in mind is that, for full effect, a written commendation should always take the form of a personal letter to the individual concerned - an internal memo, being so commonplace in the daily round, lacks impact and tends to cheapen the exercise.

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